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Welcome to Saging Places. Here, you will find information about my services, including Spiritual Cleansing and Ceremonial Blessing for your home, business or event!

Back in the early '90s, I began doing Ceremonial Spiritual Cleansings for new homes, businesses and event venues. I started out, using ready-made smudge sticks that I purchased locally, Soon after, however, I realized that by blending my own ceremonial incenses, using herbs, flowers, plants and resins, I could customize the rituals to more precisely manifest the energies that were needed or desired by each individual, situation or event.

These Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing Ceremonies have now been performed hundreds of times for private individuals, new businesses, and at such well-known New York Landmarks as the Roseland Ballroom and Bryant Park, and famous nightspots as Pacha and Element.

If you would like to fill your home, business or event with powerful, uplifting, positive Spiritual Healing Energies, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss how I can help bring these energies into your environment and into your life.

I have also made select incenses available through this website. If you would like something custom-blended just for you, or if you're interested in wholesale orders, please email me directly.

Love, Light, Peace, Blessings & Magic,




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